Here at carpetssuperdry we clean houses, business properties, cars, caravans, trucks and even boats.

We have professional high performance carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment ( which are far better than the carpet and upholstery cleaning machines that are available for hire), to ensure that the dirt, grit, dust mites and possibly fleas are sucked out deep from the pile leaving the carpets or upholstery soap free and clean.

 We also have urine odour remover for accidents by pets or children. We have an industrial blower which blows air on to your carpets or upholstery to insure your cleaned items are dry as possible, before we leave the job.
Here is a list of things that we need to be able to clean your carpets or upholstery.

Hot-water the carpet cleaning machine we use has a built in heater but it can take a while to heat up a full tank of water.

The room to be as clear as possible and remove valuable items. This is only a precaution and makes the job cleaned and dried quicker.

 We do use a range of stain removers but no stains removal is guaranteed.
We will try the best we can
carpet & upholstery cleaning services